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new work is out!

2008-10-27 10:14:25 by jake-productions

yeah i've finally put up the new series of sbtd ep1 and 2.

go check them out!


2008-10-11 08:53:29 by jake-productions

thats right! it's all ganna be revamped! i now have got plenty more skills with flash and alot more effects and in fact alot of other stuff! if any of you have seen this site then you should know bout it.
i so far have finished a new episode but i wont upload untill i got the next one done because they fit together perfectly! anyway stay tuned to that site because there will be some big things coming in the future and i always put them there first.so...see ya around.
signed Jake-pro

smash bros takedown ep3

2008-09-06 09:19:58 by jake-productions

sbtd ep3 is here!and as good as ever! it not only is the newest but the longest lasting over 5 mins!
anyway go check it out.
and go here www.sbtd.tk
so go see it now!


2008-09-02 04:46:20 by jake-productions

sbtd ep3 is under way! however because of school it will proberly be a couple of weeks befor it comes out. but you never know! so stay tuned!
if you want more sbtd goodies then go to

i have made a new sbtd animation!
however i do not think i will feature it on newgrounds!
the only way people are ganna get to see it is is the head on over to my website.
smash bros takedown website

so if you want to see it.
head over there.....NOW!!!

oh yeah....it's a rather good one. so go see it.

smah bros takedown ep2

2008-08-28 07:14:54 by jake-productions

thats right ep2 is now out. go check it out.

smah bros takedown ep2

first animation is out

2008-08-22 10:25:28 by jake-productions

thats right! smash bros takedown ep1 is out after 6 days. check it out.....NOW!

first animation is out